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Quote: "It Is Tiring To Make This Point Over And Over Again"

Quotes2 The research consensus has been clear and unchanging for more than a decade: at most, teaching accounts for about 15 percent of student achievement outcomes, while socioeconomic factors account for about 60 percent. It is tiring to make this point over and over again. - Dana Goldstein in The Nation


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That is not the only tiring point to make when examining education reform initiatives. The emperor has no clothes.

So if there were no teachers at all, it would only mean a 15% reduction in student achievement?

Mike: So do you support the contrary notion that we shouldn't worry if a child has no home and no food and illiterate parents - a couple of good teachers in a row and he can be an astrophysicist? Obviously, teachers matter. But parents and the home matter more. When did this cease to be a conservative belief?

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