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Quote: Building A Newer, Better Vision Of Reform

Quotes2 Maybe we can ensure that the next 20 years of education reform aren’t two more decades of great educators working very, very hard for moderate results. -- New Schools For New Orleans' Neerav Kingsland


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Wow! Everyone should follow that link. Kingsland is impressive. I want to pick his or her brain. All all, Kingsland just picked my pocket, stealing my idea of trying to synthesize the I Used to Think ... essays by Brad Jupp and Mark Simon.

Really, John? You bought this?

"One way to make sure the system is rational is to change the role of government from operator to regulator"

So, you used to think that the public schools should be public, but now you think it would be rational for the the operators who "operate" EMOs and charters to take over?

Did you used to think, as I do, that privatizers have siezed regulatory control of education policy, and are using NCLB "accountability" to disrupt the achools, degrade teachers, and demoralize the public?

Since the "reform" drive is now demonstrated to be broken. destructive, and irrational, are you now ready to throw up your hands, and declaim, "F the Man" with this huckster while they take over their prize at last?

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