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Five Best Blogs: Phoebe Price Teacher Gets Fired

ScreenHunter_10 Aug. 02 10.02 What Ed Sector gets wrong Petrilli:  How about a little less skepticism, and a little more love, for one of the gutsiest projects in education reform history? 

The teacher who encouraged me to write Dave Eggers: Jay Criche made "Macbeth" seem edgy to suburban teens -- and he helped me believe I could be an author GS 

Why Alternative Education Needs to Go Mainstream GOOD:  A ten-year plan that's well thought-out and truly student-centered is what's needed to change the alternative into the mainstream. 

Cruel lesson for a teacher Kevin Cullen, Globe Columnist: The persecution and humiliation of Deb Caldieri, the teacher who responded to the suicide of Phoebe Prince with a compassion so utterly lacking elsewhere in South Hadley High School, is complete. She was fired last week.

The mess we are in LDH:  We have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of its inmates — populated primarily by high school dropouts on whom we would not spend $10,000 a year when they were in school, but we will spend more than $40,000 a year when they are in prison – a prison system that is now directly devouring the money we should be spending on education. 


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Good morning, Alex. Here is Sharon Otterman's NY Times story that may (or may not) launch an outside inquiry into Klein's empire of systematic cheating and score manipulation in NYC:

Did you notice that the title is "New York Reviews Ways to AVOID Cheating Scandal"? (emphasis mine).

A quote from the story,
"Before Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg won control of the schools, the city did conduct erasure analyses, but they were stopped by the Board of Education because of concerns about cost and effectiveness, city officials said."

For argument's as to why an external examination is needed, here are the people who have been fighting the corporatist wall of lies all along.

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