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Weekend Reading: Matt's Mistake, TFA's Treachery, Etc.

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While you're waiting for the hurricane to arrive:

Don't Confuse Matt Damon TNR:  Getting a chance to make your case to policy makers is what political activists are supposed to want. That's the goal.

Teach For America goes after teachers unions - in a new way TeacherKen:  "Our presenters will include staff from The Future Is Now Schools formerly Green Dot Public Schools), who are building a network of unionized charter schools around the country, as well as several LEE members serving in union leadership positions."

Speaking of LEE:  LEE Members meet Secretary Arne Duncan at the Department of Ed.

Speaking of TFA:  Elite Teach For America thrust into APS scandal 11alive via Mary:  Teach For America's ties to district leadership run deep, and some of its most ardent supporters fared the worst in the report.  

 Teacher Collaboration Gives Schools Better Results Miller-McCune: The world’s best school systems depend on teacher collaboration, but the concept has not caught on in the U.S. We found schools where teamwork is making a difference.  

Appellate Court Gets It Wrong on NYC Teacher Data Rick Hess:  When the shortcomings become clear, when reanalysis shows that some teachers were unfairly dinged... value-added will suffer a heated backlash. 

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I read that TFA Atlanta isn't going an internal investigation or audit to see if anybody else is cheating. Is that true?

I think the critic is wrong to critique Damon for not meeting with Duncan. You can not have a debate with people like Duncan, you just get co-opted. He talks with you, disagrees and then states you had a fruitful discussion and continues on his set path, claiming he has heard all voices, further justifying his position. It is the new mode of controlling the debate while shutting down debate. Progressives need to get smart about this. Duncan is not on our side and never will be.

Another snippet of weekend news, by way of Education Notes Online

After all that arm-twisting by Klein's current employer to get the new Wireless Generation contract through, the New York State Comptroller General has returned it, unapproved, because it was smelling up his office.

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