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Five Best Blogs: The Texas "Miracle" Is Back


The Origins of the 'Texas Miracle Atlantic:  The "Texas miracle" phrase harkens back to the 2000 presidential race, when George W. Bush campaigned on statistics that showed improving test scores and graduation rates for Texas public school students -- a "Texas miracle" he called it. ALSO: How will Rick Perry’s budget affect education? 

Mike Casserly Is a Stud Rick Hess:  They [CGCS] showed their mettle when requesting the urban trial NAEP, in embracing accountability a decade ago, and in coming to the table with ideas other than a plea for more funds.

Is The Oprah Winfrey Brand Of Philanthropy The Guardian:  In practising what should really be called “humanitarian privatisation”, Winfrey and other philanthropists like Bill Gates have targeted public education with missionary zeal, speaking authoritatively on a subject they know little about. 

Baltimore Schools Chief Alonso Discusses Urban Education: Bloomberg EDU:  Andres Alonso, chief executive officer of Baltimore City Public Schools, discusses conflict and collaboration with the teachers union, high stakes testing and reducing the high school dropout rate.

Can Will.i.am Make Science Geeks the Rock Stars of the Future? Liz Dwyer: Over 2.1 million people tuned in, which is, as the TV by the Numbers blog notes, more than usually watch anything on the Science Channel.  


Teachers Now Facing Online Bullying From Parents HuffED:  Teachers are now subjected to cyberbullying from both pupils and parents, according to research by Plymouth University.

The War on Kids Harvard EdCast: Cevin Soling, director of the education documentary "The War on Kids" discusses his controversial views on the American school system. 

No Wonder Everybody Wants to Study Computer Science: A new course on artificial intelligence at Stanford University taught be ex-Googlers did just that, attracting a jaw-dropping 58,000 students.



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