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Five Best Blogs: Illegal... And Unwise

Global warming

#nclbwaivers  New Plan To Reform Education Is Likely Illegal TNR:  Many [Republicans] see it as a bad idea for education reform, but also because it fits nicely into their ready-made narrative about the Obama administration’s dangerous and unconstitutional use of executive power.

The Duncan Precedent, 2013 Edition: "First off, congratulations Congresswoman Bachmann on being named U.S. Secretary of Education by President-elect Perry."

I Think These Critiques Of Parent Trigger Laws Are Missing The Point Larry Ferlazzo:  There probably aren’t many people who are bigger critics of the parent trigger than me, but this condescending objection is insulting, short-sighted, and ___________ (insert just about any other negative adjective you can think of).  

We’d All Love to See the Plan Mike Antonucci: The teacher union reform field is littered with the bodies of those who sought to alter the union’s primary mission – protecting teachers – and found themselves ousted in favor of challengers who promised to get tough with administrators. 

Teachers to Take Center Stage at Education NationLiz Dwyer: While it remains to be seen how much this year's event will present teachers as experts with real solutions, this fresh approach certainly seems like a step in the right direction. 

Rebecca Black Withdraws b/c of Bullying ABC News:  Now her mother is her teacher, and said she agreed to pull Black out of school because her daughter was being made fun of and so she had more time to focus on her career.


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