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Five Best Blogs: CA To Add Retention To Ratings

Tumblr_loju2gnrdd1qm0gcdo1_500 California education bill gets an A LA Times (editorial): If implemented correctly, the bill [which adds dropout rates to the mix] also could encourage schools to shift away from what has become an overemphasis on test-oriented "drill and kill" in basic subjects. 

The Education Swamp Kevin Drum: Anyone who gets too obsessed with only one or two pieces of the ed system is just guaranteeing that they'll never understand what's going on. ALSO:  Brill’s blinkered view Felix Salmon: As a general rule, anybody who thinks that anything about education reform is “simple and obvious” is wrong. 

What if the Gates Foundation rewarded results? Rock The Schoolhouse: The Gates Foundation is at an important pivot point in its development. It has built a strong brand in health care philanthropy and an education operation that is notable for how top-heavy and PR-driven it is.

Documentary on Chicago gang violence is the most necessary film of the year Salon: Rather than lecturing in schools or running drop-in centers, they get out on the street... and do what it takes to resolve conflict on the spot, whether that involves wresting a chunk of concrete out of the hands of an angry teenager or taking a disaffected 19-year-old dropout to get her first-ever manicure.

The Education Secretary’s Poor Sense of Touch  NRO:  He feels badly, does he? Something wrong with his sense of touch? He can’t tell wood from water from sand? Does he feel sadly and terribly and angrily too? Via LOOG 


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