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Five Best Blogs: "AYPocalypse" & "Teachmageddon"?

ScreenHunter_27 Aug. 05 20.30 AYPocalypse? Nah. DFER: We don't want to sound like we told you so or anything, but we told you so - more than once.

L.A. School District Rehires 450 Teachers Laid Off In June NPR: The Los Angeles school district has rehired 450 elementary school teachers who had been laid off in June.
Education Data Transcript ProPublica: Reporter Sharona Coutts, director of computer-assisted reporting 

A conversation: Kopp, West, Smiley Answer Sheet: Someone who found it infuriating just sent it to me, and though it took place months ago, it is still worth reading. 

Why You Love Learning Liz Dwyer: A new short film by director/producer Rick Mireki will have you positively itching to pick up some new skills and knowledge. 

Market-Driven Rhetoric Amanda Ripley: Without measuring what actually works, what actually does not and listening to the teachers, parents, principals and most of all the students affected, we will just keep arguing in circles, with only the talking points changing.

Secret Ravitch Group at Duncan's DOE? Mike Klonsky:  Ask Secretary Duncan or his press guys Cunningham or Hamilton about DOE staffers assigned to the secret Ravitch Group.


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It WAS pretty astounding to see on Twitter that Duncan's press sec Justin Hamilton snarked about "black helicopters" in response to a question about the "Ravitch group" -- and conspicuously neglected to deny it. (And amazingly unprofessional.)

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