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Five Best Blogs: Sugar Baby Teacher Edition


This one goes out to all the #sugarbaby teachers out there, unable to find work or LIFO'd despite all their efforts:

Really Good News Petrilli:  How about all of us—reformers and skeptics alike—agree to make the most of the good news that falls in our lap every now and then? Poor kids in Florida and a few other states are making HUGE gains. Let’s figure out why. 

 The Dreaded “Corporate Foundation” Kevin Carey: The politics of Henry Ford and the interests of the Ford Motor Company are by no means aligned with the strategies put forth by the Ford Foundation. 

Public Opinion On Teacher Compensation Matthew Yglesias: What’s tricky is a “let’s spend more money precisely in order to get different people in this field” coalition. ALSO:  How to improve teacher education now (and why Teach for America isn’t the answer) Arthur Levine: Higher education is where the teachers are. All other remedies pale in comparison.

An Incoherent Protest Against Education Reform Kevin Carey (again): The Koch brothers aren’t getting rich by running charter schools. Bill Gates didn’t cause the economic crisis or put Chris Christie in the New Jersey governor’s mansion. 

 Matt Damon, Arne Duncan and the Divisive Teacher-Quality Debate The Nation (Dana Goldstein): Absent that kind of guidance, the protests of the Matt Damons of the world will only grow louder, and the Obama administration will lose crucial public support for its teacher-quality agenda.

New York Teams up with IBM to Reboot a High School DFER:  This inventive school is only possible because of the city's decision to close the persistently failing Paul Robeson High School, which P-Tech is replacing.

The Next Standoff: Appropriations Policy Riders Matthew Yglesias: When it comes time to write appropriations bills, House Republicans are going to return to cartel behavior and seek to write legislation that  unites rather than divides their caucus. 

Programming Note:  Watch former contributor @amandafairbanks talk w/ Dr. Drew tonight about est 400k "sugar babies" seeking financial help http://ow.ly/5Viuq  Maybe there really are some sugar baby teachers out there - who knows?


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I don't understand, Alexander.

What is the connection, in your mind, between "sugarbaby" prostitutes and unemployed teachers? And what is "LIFO'd as a verb? Do you mean laying off teachers nationwide to build tax-funded market share for elearning venturists?

I know teachers in four states, young and old, who face destitution in their shattered personal lives as the public schools are deliberately destroyed. American working people, young and old, are being hounded and ridiculed for daring to exist, when we aren't needed to harvest profits. We aren't doing this to each other.

It sounds as if you're enjoying the fantasy of young people resorting to prostitution becuse the entrepreneurial economy has no use for them or their educations. Please, I see the real thing sometimes; my girls give up on a future when they learn what a lap dance will bring. That's much less that $350, by the way. It's ugly, and the clients aren't genteel "sugardaddies".

No laid off teachers I know have turned to prostitution. Your snarky asides have literally turned my stomach. The real whores are the ones who write "education" columns to legitimize lying profiteers.

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