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Five Best Blogs: Are Elite Public Schools All That Good?


Baltimore's Catch-22 NCTQ: A recent CALDER study calculated annual principal turnover in districts that included Miami-Dade County, Milwaukee, San Francisco, and New York City, and found rates ranging from 19 to 26 percent.

Do Exclusive Public Schools Teach Better? Matthew Yglesias: At the policy level it’s more important to identify institutions that are unusually good at helping people learn, not institutions that are unusually good at screening. 

A State-By-State Sex Ed Primer Jezebel: Did you know that 24 states don't require sex education? 

High School Girls Have the Right to Upload Lewd Pictures Gawker:It's official: High school girls have a constitutionally protected right to post to Facebook pictures of themselves in lingerie toying with phallic lollipops.

Florida Police Foil Potentially "Catastrophic" School Bombing Slate:  Florida police said on Tuesday that they had foiled a potentially "catastrophic" mass murder plot by an expelled student in a Tampa school district. 


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