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Five Best Blogs: Give AYP Some Respect

Finger #nclb Give AYP Some Respect Nancy Connor (DPS): In schools that were doing poorly overall, this aspect wasn’t quite so critical, but even in those cases, it was helpful to learn, say, that math achievement was much higher than reading achievement.    

Most Americans Say They’d Encourage Their Child To Become A Teacher Matthew Yglesias:  Seventy-four percent say they would encourage the brightest person they know to teach if they expressed an interest in it, and 76 percent say we should try to recruit the highest performing students into that profession. 

Striking Graphics Make Philosophy Easy to Understand Atlantic:  What is absolutism? Humanism? Genis Carreras's designs render these philosophical movements—and others—comprehensible. 

The Trouble with Steven Brill's Black-and-White Rick Hess:  If Brill had been angling to pen anything other than a black-and-white shoot 'em up, he could've told a much more informed, intriguing, and constructive tale, and one which would have made his conclusions feel more like an extension of the narrative and less like an afterthought. 

All The Options That Are Fit To Print? EduWonk: Plenty of people do the wrong thing (in every industry) but in our field plenty more disadvantage themselves and their families in an effort to do the right thing. 


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Alexander, you're some kind of reporter, aren't you?

I have to go to my day job now, so can you track this story and find out what happened yesterday, and what's going on in New York? It's a press release, after all.

" On August 17th, the Mayor’s PEP approved a $120 million contract with Verizon. According to the Special Investigator for the Schools, Richard Condon, Verizon knew about and profited from an overbilling fraud scheme[1]. Verizon’s direct profits in the scheme were at least $800,000, according to the investigator, but the PEP approved the contract anyway."

"Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s representative, Patrick Sullivan, was one of four PEP votes against approval of the controversial contract. Borough President Stringer, CWA, education advocates and other elected officials (list in formation) will call on Verizon to pay back the money, make the schools whole, and settle a fair contract with its workers. Please join us!"


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