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Five Best Blogs: Lots Of States Changed Tenure In 2011


Use Your Teacher Voice classroomsooth:The goal is to have a viral video campaign of teachers talking into a camera in an effort to reclaim what has been lost: our authority in our vocation.

Randi and I Argue, Earth Rumbles Rick Hess:  If memory serves, the old TV show Hart to Hart used to begin with the narrator intoning, "And when they met, it was murder."

18 states changed tenure laws in 2011 Joanne Jacobs: “More state legislatures are beginning to embed teacher performance evaluation in decisions to grant tenure or to explicitly state the terms of contracts,” ECS states.  

Baaaaaaaah! Mike Antonucci: Bringing sheep into a union would be a bit more problematic from a PR standpoint, as it opens up a whole line of jokes not relevant to goats.  

Are Charter Schools Draining Private School Enrollment? Liberty Street Economics:  We find that while charter schools led to a fall in private school enrollment, the decline was modest. We also find that with the passage of time, as the charter sector matures its effect on private schools increases. 


Don’t cut standards for No Child Left Behind Boston Globe (editorial): Duncan says he doesn’t want his department to be perceived as a “compliance-driven bureaucracy.’’ But some educators may see that as an invitation to return to the bad old days of low expectations and social promotions. 

Is It Research – or Propaganda? Seattle Education: This is good research. Great research. In fact, it’s the best research money can buy. Big money, I mean. Corporate money.

School district honors military service with new page Daily Pilot:  With one webpage, the Newport-Mesa [school system] has restored honor to our local servicemen and servicewomen.

East Coast Universities Freaking Out Over the Hurricane Gawker: If you're planning to matriculate somewhere on the East Coast this weekend, it would be wise to check with your school, if you haven't already done so. It's probably changed plans on you.


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You seriously need to stop reading and linking to Mike Antonucci.

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