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AM News: Public Still Favors Schools


Parents give thumbs up to local schools USA Today: A new survey finds that more Americans today like their kids' public schools than at any time in the past 36 years — even though they believe U.S. education in general has taken a bit of a dive. ALSO: Americans Trust Teachers, Split on Teachers' Unions EdWeek

Most Schools Flagged For Possible Cheating Likely To Be Cleared Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Most of the 90 Pennsylvania schools whose results raised red flags for possible cheating on the 2009 state assessment test probably did nothing wrong, and the Department of Education likely will clear them, a department spokesman said. 

2011 ACT scores show problems with college readiness Washington Post: Only 1 in 4 graduates of the class of 2011 who took the exam met four key benchmarks that supposedly show readiness for success in the first year of college.

NYC Laundromat Doubles As English Classroom NPR: At Magic Touch Laundromat in Manhattan, you can get some ESL instruction while your clothes get clean.

Schools restore fresh cooking to cafeteria The New York Times: Districts in Colorado have become leaders in the back-to-scratch school lunch movement.


Sherlock Holmes book removed from school for being anti-Mormon Washington Post: A Va. school district has removed from the required sixth grade reading list at one middle school a Sherlock Holmes book because a Mormon parent complained about the way it portrayed Mormons.

Springfield, Mass. superintendent resings Boston Globe: The superintendent of Springfield schools has announced that he plans to step down in June after weeks of controversy over a $30,000 signing bonus.

Md. teachers union balks at pension cost change Washington Times: Maryland’s teachers union is resisting state lawmakers’ efforts to trim an anticipated $1.1 billion budget gap by sharing teacher pension costs with counties.

Former teacher named head of Conn. teacher union Boston Globe: Loftus Levine, a woman who started her education career as a Massachusetts elementary school teacher and special education counselor has been named the new leader of Connecticut's largest public employee union.

In Ala., Students Returning Despite Immigration Law EdWeek: Educators say Alabama's tough new crackdown on illegal immigrants isn't keeping Hispanic parents from sending their children to school.


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No surprise parents love their own school but not public education in general. All the media ever push is negative stories about public education in general (Rhee has made a career of it) including phony measurements of quality (NCLB). Parents can actually make up their own mind about their school because they see it themselves.

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