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AM News: "No-News" Duncan Accidentally Makes News


Duncan Slams Perry's Texas Talking Points Memo: Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is taking a rhetorical shot at one of President Obama's possible election opponents, slamming the education system in Gov. Rick Perry's home state of Texas. ALSO:  Perry Says Evolution is a Theory with "Some Gaps In It"

Reports show troubles of teen in Fla. school plot AP:  A year and a half before he was accused of plotting to bomb his high school, a shirtless and shoeless Jared Cano confronted police with a metal baseball bat when they came to his apartment looking for a stolen pistol.

Duncan: States Don't Need to Join Common Core for Waiver Politics K-12:  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said today in no uncertain terms that states absolutely do not have to participate in Common Core in order to qualify for one of the department's yet-to-be-determined NCLB waivers.

Higher prices: the big trend for back-to-school AP:  Stores are trying everything they can think of to disguise the fact that you're going to pay more for clothes this fall.

Ackerman dares bosses to fire her Philadelphia Inquirer: In an impassioned speech the embattled Philadelphia School District Superintendant addressed rumors of her departure with new candor.

D.C. Commission School Analysis Washington Post: The study is the strongest signal yet that Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) is prepared to treat charter schools — which are publicly funded but independently operated — as full partners in a reform effort that was heavily focused on traditional schools during the tenure of his predecessor, Adrian M. Fenty (D).

Chicago agricultural H.S. to breed horses Chicago Tribune:The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences will have students raise horses that will be sold and used in harness racing.


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Anything you can do to publicize what is happening
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This note sheds more light on how Professor Engler was treated.

"That a school “based on social justice” (Roosevelt University's website confirms Ms. Solis's assertion) denied Mr. Engler a chance to fairly defend himself reeks of hypocrisy."


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