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AM News: Everyone Hates NCLB (For The Wrong Reasons)


GOP Candidates Criticzie NCLB in Debate EdWeek: Two candidates were asked if—as president— they would continue to enforce the No Child Left Behind Act. The answer was an emphatic "no."

U.S. Children Face Low Bar to Pass State Tests Bloomberg: Almost all states give children math and reading proficiency exams using standards that fall short of federal benchmarks, even after eight raised their requirements since 2007.

62% of Va. Schools Labeled 'Failing' Under NCLB The Washington Post: Education leaders attributed the dramatic increase to “arbitrary” rules that “misidentify” schools, state officials said Thursday.

Calif. reports eighth-grade dropout rate for first time LA Times: A new system that tracks every public school student finds that about 3.5% of eighth-graders — 17,257 in all — left school and didn't return for ninth grade. The high school dropout rate is 18.2%.

Bullying climates at schools may be linked to lower test scores LA Times: Bullying can affect a student's academic performance, but a school's bullying climate may be linked with lower overall test scores, a study finds.

Detroit Residents Monitor Fate Of Local Schools NPR: Detroit Public Schools will continue closing schools this year, in an effort to keep up with a steady decline in the number of students.  

For Some, Budget Pain Doesn't Hurt The New York Times: As principals size up the money they won’t have and the programs their kids won’t get, some executives in nonprofits dependent on state money are richly compensated.

Preparing for State Tests to a Hip Hop Beat The New York Times:  Fresh Prep, a program run by the Urban Arts Partnernship is trying to help hard-to-reach students pass the history Regents tests, which they must do to graduate, through hip-hop-inspired lesson plans.

Wis. Teacher's Union Leads in Lobbying Spending EdWeek: The statewide teachers union led in spending on lobbying state lawmakers even before this year's fight over collective bargaining rights.

Philadelphia has most separate and unequal schools Philadelphia City Paper: Two new studies show that the Philadelphia region is one of the most separate and unequal when it comes to neighborhoods and schools for blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians.

Four NYC High Schools Flagged for Cheating New York Post: The ivestigation, which dates back to 2010, identified irregularities on the statwide Regents exams.

Judge weighs request to block Ind. school voucher program AP: The program allows even middle-class parents to use taxpayer money to send their children to private secular and religious schools.

Pa. Judge Sentenced in Massive Juvenile Justice Bribery Scandal NPR: A Pennsylvania judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison in connection to a bribery scandal that roiled the state's juvenile justice system.



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(For the wrong reasons)....what are the "right" reasons???

How could so many VA schools be failing? They are an anti-union state with so called Right to Work laws. I thought unions were the problem??

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