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Chart: "Pretty Much Anything Goes" (Preservice Training)

image from www.nctq.org

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to preservice student teaching hours required by ed schools, notes NCTQ. Individual institutions require anywhere from zero to 800 hours, and state averages range from almost 300 hours (GA) to under 50 (ND).


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I'm not sure what to make of this...that different states approach teacher education differently? Does the NCTQ or NCATE for that matter have empirical research that supports a "magic" number of hours?

I realize the larger mission of the NCTQ is to undermine colleges of education, but I wonder what they think about states cutting hours in programs such as education so they can out compete their next door neighbor for students?

Which is it NCTQ, the "free" market or the heavy hand of one accrediting agency?

I'd ask on their website, but alas, they don't have the ______ for comments.

Tks for letting me vent though...

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