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Events: Saving The SOS March [UPDATE]

image from upload.wikimedia.orgThe upcoming Save Our Schools march in DC this week needs something more than angry frustration and sanctimonious scolds if it's going to attract cameras, new followers, and make itself a widespread movement rather than one that seems mostly made up of older upper-middle class white teachers and parents. Inspiration would be great -- but so would humor. And, looking at the lineup of speakers (and assuming Jon Stewart isn't available*) I'm thinking that the humor might have to come from the audience.  It's not too late.  The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (depicted right) helped get the anti-creationism argument across. Billionaires For Bush did the same during the Bush administrations. How about Duncan lookalikes dressed up as Margaret Spellings?  Or Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee, and Jonah Edelman masks for everyone to wear? Or Richie Rich Reformers all dressed in top hats and long gloves? 

UPDATE:  Rumor is that Stewart is addressing the crowd via videotape.


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I told them to let me speak........

Todd Farley
Author of "Making the Grades: My Misadventures in the Standardized Testing Industry"

It's not a rumor. Stewart IS addressing the crowd via video. And the roster of terrific writers, thought leaders and education luminaries who volunteered to speak (for five minutes and no speaker fee) is pretty stunning, for ed-world. Here's a list of endorsers, too: http://www.saveourschoolsmarch.org/about/endorsers/

You would be right at home, Mr. Farley. Please contact me to find out more about what's planned after the March, which is just the kickoff to a national movement to take back public ed.

If you want to see the ultimate so-funny-its-scary satirical school reform website, check out: http://www.laststand4children.org/ The comments on the last blog post ("Why I'm Not Marching") are evidence that the situation has gotten so bad that people can't the difference between reality and humor any more.

Nancy Flanagan, SOS March Electronic Media Coordinator

The same was said of Martin L. King's march on the mall.

"If only the black people of America could show more humor and stop complaining maybe white people would embrace their cause and join them. Who could trust a cause that so clearly represents such a small group of people like back people and their interest specifically?"

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