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Five Best Blogs: Hot Hot Friday Afternoon

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 #sosmarch Ravitch lampoons education critics American Independent:  During a faux-interview Ravitch lobbed questions at herself that she’s answered throughout her career. 

Poverty, Reading Scores, and Resilient Schools New America:  In the resilient schools, poverty still plays a big role, but one that the school has managed to curb. 

Is the Charter-School Movement Stuck in a Rut? Checker Finn: This wouldn’t be the first “reform movement” in the history of education to turn into an ideologically rigid, pull-up-the-gangplank-now-that-we’re-aboard sort of vested interest. But it would still be a great pity. 

How did this happen? The Give Well Blog:  How does such a successful and acclaimed organization [as KIPP] struggle to raise the funds necessary to continue expanding? 

No Child... Gonna Make You Cry Susan Sawyers: A heart-wrenching portrayal of today's New York City public school system and the people who make up the school communities.

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Thanks for alerting us to this study. "...it appears that schools that were better funded and had smaller class sizes were making an impact on their students despite poverty..." How many thousands of times have the so-called reformers told us the opposite?

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