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Weekend Reading: "Policy Is For Suckers"

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Testing 4-year-olds isn't the answer Salon: Nations like Finland are getting better results by de-emphasizing exams. Why are we doing the opposite?

How the Latest Study on Autism is Getting Woefully Misconstrued TNR: The study suggested that, while genetic factors play a critical role in autism, environmental factors appear to be more important than was previously thought. 

Chattering Crass The American Prospect: Politicians may talk about important issues like education and the economy, but the truth is in the artifice, the hidden political strategy, the interest group appeased and the key demographic courted. 

Kid bombs ‘Jeopardy’ answer: This kid Neil should stay away from game shows, spelling bees, and even highly advanced board games from now on.

This One Time, At Space Camp... Slate: The camp, which opened its doors a year after NASA’s inaugural shuttle launch, has provided succor to more than half a million space geeks over the decades, and counts several current astronauts—and Chelsea Clinton—among its alumni. 


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