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Five Best Blogs: Reformers, Poverty, & Moving Forward

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How Can President Obama, Diane Ravitch, and Paul Tough All Be Right? EdSector:  Diane Ravitch is partially right. But, so is Barack Obama. And, while Tough is right that students deserve better, Bruce Randolph appears to be part of the solution, not the problem.

What the Education Debate is About Tom Hoffman:  What's at stake is much more fundamental than the issues Dana raises. Considering what's really at stake, this is has all been pretty mellow. 

HCZ Success Is Primarily Attributable To Good Schooling Yglesias:  When kids get access to quality schools, they learn more. 

The Untransformational President Mike Tomasky:  Liberals thought they were getting a transformational president. Instead, they’re saddled with someone who cares far more about being the most reasonable guy in the room. 

Of Spanking and State Violence Racialicious: How do you keep violence away from your door? How do you teach your children to respond to a violent world?  


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