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Five Best Blogs: Fordham V. Fordham

Tumblr_lo3l86g2nS1qkgph1o1_500 The Key To Sustainability Tom Toch: It’s becoming tougher and tougher to find the talented education entrepreneurs needed to open high-quality charter schools. 

Student teaching criticized in new study; schools of education fire back Hechinger:  The NCTQ points out that often these mentors aren’t required to be highly qualified or good at mentoring. 

Hey, MOE! Thompson:  ED has already threatened to cut $4 million from Iowa’s IDEA allocation and a whopping $111 million from South Carolina’s.

 This Glass is Half-Empty Chester E. Finn, Jr.: Mike can crack open the champagne if he wants to. But don’t pour me more than a thimble full. 

Educational Advocacy Quotes™ Chad Sansing: By purchasing any quote, you acquire the license to use the quote in perpetuity as if you wrote it. 

What Kind Of Speller Are You? The Awl:  "Good spellers are often drawn to poetry and wordplay, while bad spellers, for whom language is a conduit and not an end in itself, can excel at representation and reportage."


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