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Five Best Blogs: Cheating In Perspective

Picture 39 Test Cheating In Perspective CPRE:  Educators are not morally different from other people: many wouldn’t cheat under any circumstances, but some will cheat if they can benefit and expect to get away with it. 

Answer: “Essentially, Yes…” Thompson:  In their eagerness to remedy a legislative error and ensure that SIG funds are used for “extra” services, the department has unnecessarily complicated an already confusing area.

States Lagging in Drawing Down ARRA Title I and IDEA Funds New America: It is surprising that so many states still have significant portions of their allocations so close to the end of the federal year. 

Oregon Governor Appoints Himself Superintendent of Schools Jay Green:  Win or lose, Kitzhaber has taken a bold step to assume responsibility for progress in Oregon schools.

Why we published the leaked document The Notebook: The best way to minimize controversy [is] by cramming public discussion of dozens of proposals into the narrowest timeframe allowable under the state law governing school closings – three months. 

Month 9 As a Failing School InterACT: What has reform done for the students at L.A. Academy?  Interrupted their instruction.  Stressed out their teachers.  Caused a mass exodus of faculty. 

Image via New Yorker.


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