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Events: Watching The Aspen Ideas Festival From Afar

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I'm not exactly sure how to describe the Aspen Institute's position on education issues -- reformy, to be sure, but perhaps not as aggressive or unreflective as others.  And of course the annual festival is a somewhat different beast from the Institute's ongoing work.  That being said, there are a few education-related things to watch at this week's AIF, including a morning conversation on  New Ways to Teach Our Kids with Salman Khan and an event titled Will School Reform Fix Education? tonight. Thursday morning features a Race to The Top discussion with Arne Duncan, a global education talk that night, and a Friday morning talk about gamification of learning.  All times are Mountain.  Aspen partnered with NewSchools earlier this spring. The Atlantic is a partner.  (Aspen Ideas Festival)

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How sad when S. Khan is considered one of the great "idea" people in education, followed by Duncan. This line-up is getting really dull. Rich people stewing in their own juices ....enjoy....

Diane Ravitch is there:

June 27–29, 2011 (Aspen, CO): Aspen Ideas Festival: June 28, Book Discussion 7:45 a.m.; June 29, “What Does Real Reform Require?” with Wendy Kopp, Paepcke Auditorium, 5:00 p.m.; further details TBA.

I believe she deserves mentioning in the list of events since she is a major voice in what otherwise is a uni-dimensional national discussion. The appearance with Kopp was previously announced as being televised by CSPAN.

Sandra, if it was televised on CSPAN, I sure can't find it. There's a little interview.

There's a cute little clip of Wendy biting her lip while Diane succinctly outlines the problem of excess testing. When you click "full program", though, you get this screen:

Alexander, could you please pony up the $199 and buy a ticket, then pirate the thing and put it up for us? If there's video of the Shakespeare reading, with Diane and Sandra Day OConnor and Joel Klein in costume doing bits with swords and crowns, please post that also.

Brooks' hallucunatory editorial is reverberating through the echo chamber, the only item that comes through on a Google news search. It's about how the problem of narrow curriculum is confined to schools that haven't been "touched" by the reform industry. In it, he mentions that Diane is "quick to accuse people who disagree with her of being frauds and greed-heads."
Now, that's the clip I want to see!

I have found nothing on the book discussion. Did she also address another event? I can't make out the actual events, just by poring over Aspen's event schedule. The education events (in the first session) were sold out or overconnected, so somebody saw them. Is there a news black-out, or are people holding onto their scoops until the next issue of Atlantic?

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