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NCLB: Waiver Debate, Week Two

DiscmanAnother mini-roundup of NCLB waiver commentary and analysis, though the issue seems pretty dead to me:  Can We Get 'Plain Writing' on Duncan's NCLB Waiver Plan? Politics K12:  How about Duncan explains what he means by "regulatory relief" in exchange for a "basket of reforms"... Reauthorize, Reauthorize, Reauthorize CAP: The secretary should grant waivers, not regulatory relief... The Regulation Threat Sandy Kress:  Every major administrative step the Administration has taken has had a weakening effect. And it appears that - for a favored few - more is in store...  Reauthorization, Waivers, and the Third Variable Problem DFER:  The decibel level from the usual suspects inside the Beltway is enough to rattle anyone's nerves, especially those new to the game... States Take the Lead on Accountability CCSSO Press release: Federal action must support, not hinder, state leadership on next-generation accountability systems and provide states with room to promote continuous innovation.  None of the Above The American Prospect: Next month, the National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest teachers union, which has called for an overhaul, will decide at its convention whether to endorse Barack Obama in 2012... For additional takes on the issue see National Journal here.


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