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Video: Matt Lauer Queries NJ Gov. Over "Harsh" Response

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It's both awful and fun to watch Chris Christie scramble and bluster on the issue of budget cuts and sending his kids to private schools (and how he responds to critical questions):  Chris Christie Has Some Advice For Obama HuffED:  Host Matt Lauer asked the Republican governor if his remarks were "a little harsh" even for someone known not to mince words. (ALSO: Hedge Funders Create Group To Back Chris Christie's Controversial Ed Reforms NJ.com)


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Indeed, watching poor people get screwed is a blast! I love watching people like CC trash poor people and protect their privelege so selfishly. It is wonderful. We need to celebrate this spirit more since protesting it or fighting it seems to have zero effect.

The only way protesting or fighting the positions of Governor Christie and his supporters is going to have effect is if opposing positions are cogent and persuasive, rather than unsupported emotional denunciations. In addition, for opposition to the governor to be persuasive, it will either have to defend what is broadly perceived to be an unsatisfactory status quo or suggest alternative means of changing the situation; and while as an educator I have an inherent bias that says, "Yes, let's spend more money on education", and while in California that would be defensible, in New Jersey it looks pretty implausible. Those of us who work in education need to work on finding ways to spend the money available more efficiently, and as citizens we should applaud those who are supporting increasing choices for families.

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