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Thompson: Newark Plan Lacking Educators' Input

BookerYesterday's NPR story explained why privatization is a likely result of the Cory Booker/Chris Cerf/Chris Christie approach to "reform"  in Newark, including charters and all the rest.  Corporate powers have already been granted a voice.  In fact, citizens complain that Booker is presenting a plan that was fully formed by the business elite without parental input.  A long-time Booker supporter, Reverend Bill Howard, has a charter housed in his church, but  Howard says that he told Booker, "Talk to educators."  Booker supposedly replied, "'I'm talking to the educators!" But Howard says, "I can't meet any he's talking to. "He's asked me who he should talk to and I've recommended people. They haven't heard from him yet."-JT(@drjohnthompson) Image via.



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