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Reform: Rhee Group Begins To Address Experience Gap

image from www.potomacflacks.comLike her or loathe her, you have to credit Michelle Rhee for taking steps to address the lack of real political expertise and direct connections to the mainstream Democratic establishment -- two of the most obvious weaknesses of her fledgling advocacy group (and many other reform groups). Politico reports that StudentsFirst has hired former DNC spokesperson Hari Sevugan (pictured).  Though no single hire can accomplish everything (and Sevugan isn't exactly a longterm veteran), hiring the 36 year old also serves to reassure progressives and Democrats who have wondered whether Rhee was going to be with them or against them in 2012.  Salon notes that Rhee is still working actively with Republican governors, now including TN's Bill Frist.  Daily Kos calls Sevugan's move a union-busting sellout


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