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Best Five Blogs: Reality Is Indifferent To Your Ideas & Entreaties

ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 04 00.25 Wishing doesn't make it so Freddie deBoer: If I could ask popular writers on education for one thing, it would be to understand that reality is perfectly indifferent to their frustrations... Better teacher evaluations may not help much Jay Mathews: I am beginning to wonder if it’s worth so much effort...  Poverty Matters: Does Education? Yglesias:  The relevant issue here is whether or not provision of educational services is a promising way to help people overcome those disadvantages...  Facts and opinion from Steve Brill’s new book Hechinger Report:  Those in the education realm, including those on Brill’s side, may be less certain on some of his points, however, so I thought I’d explore a couple in more detail here... Grad Rates Edged Up in 08 Tom Vander Ark: We knew more about bottles of ketchup 25 years ago than we know about American students today, and that’s just criminal... Dept. Of Education: We Did Not Raid Man's Home Over Defaulted Student Loans HuffPost:  Stockton, Calif. resident Kenneth Wright told the local ABC affiliate that on Tuesday, approximately 15 officers stormed into his home at 6 a.m.


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