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Five Best Blogs: Whitmire Tries For "Most Overheated" Commentary

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Education is the new abortion Richard Whitmire:  Abortion has nothing on education, except bumper stickers. And I can only assume those are in production.*

Not the Presidential Daughter Gambit, please Sherman Dorn:  Mr. President, please keep your daughters' homework out of public debate.

Doing One Thing Well EdWeek (commentary):  Rather than defining what they might do best and working diligently at it, the leaders of these education schools, in an odd mix of anxiety and arrogance, announce their omniscience and chase after several goals at once.

Obama Woos Liberal Elite MSNBC:  This year, the administration is sending five top officials [to the Aspen Institute Festival].

Obama's Passion Deficit Clive Cook (The Atlantic):  A bit more passion on budget reform, health care reform, energy policy and the rest would not have been amiss this year, or last year, or the year before...

Do Incentives Shape Teacher Behavior Or Don’t They? Matthew Yglesias: Talk of incentives is massively overrated. 

Tiny New England Hippie Schools Gawker:  The US Department of Education has a handy new website that allows you to easily compare the prices of all types of colleges in America. Its real purpose is to keep us up-to-date on who to make fun of.  

*Tom Hoffman calls Whitmire's post "utterly delusional"; Rotherham is only slightly more polite.


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