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Five Best Blogs: The Biggest Hoax In Education History


The Biggest Hoax in the History of Federal Education Policy? Charlie Barone:  Schools can make AYP at least one of two ways and can do so "in any particular year," i.e., 2013, 2014, or 2020 for that matter, if the law continues to go unchanged.

Idaho Plays ‘Chicken’ with the Feds Thompson: The state would lose its Title I grant — approximately $54 million in school year 2011-12. 

Does neglectful oversight of vouchers violate IDEA? Sherman Dorn: If some portion of them is true, it demonstrates an amazing neglect of these students' interests by the state of Florida. 

Do We "Need" Teachers’ Unions? Shanker Blog:  We should be careful about discussing any unions – for teachers or any workers – in terms of whether or not the rest of us need or want them. 

U.S. Teachers Work the Most But U.S. Students Stay Average Atlantic:  While the average salary of a veteran elementary teacher in the U.S. was $44,172 in 2008, higher than the average of $39,426 across all OECD countries - 40 percent below the average salary of other American college graduates.

A Fear That Larger Classes Will Hinder Learning Mike Winerip: Class size is a priority for the district, but all around California districts are preparing worst-case budget plans.

Turds of Administration Teachbad:  Instead of becoming more comfortable, self-confident and amiable, she seems to have become more paranoid, self-protective and self-righteous.


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