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Five Best Blogs: Introducing "Mr. Teachbad"

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Evaluating innovation is not an oxymoron Lucy Bernholz: Evaluating Innovation provides a framework for thinking about evaluating efforts at innovation, presents examples from the Knight, MacArthur... 

Charter Supporter Gather in Atlanta (of all places) Tom VanderArk: About 5% of Georgia kids are educated in charter school but some of those are charter in name only... 

Rage Against the Machine EIA:  While the anger is boiling over in several locations, it’s still under a lid at the national level – though it does seem to be percolating... 

First Year of Teacherpocalypse EIA:  Last year’s workforce numbers, and they show – for the first time in ages – a decline in the number of K-12 full-time equivalent classroom teachers... 

Segregation Nation The American Prospect:  Omaha’s radical experiment in school integration could serve as a national model—though local resistance indicates it might be a tough sell... 

I Feel So Cheap And Dirty, Part II Mr Teachbad:  I’ll give him the same final exam, his actual same final exam with his writing on it right now, and he can make corrections on it. How about that?... 

Detroit A Bellwether For Education Reform Nationwide Huffington Post:  Most of the districts looking to switch from a seniority- to performance evaluation-based system for teachers are millions of dollars in debt. 


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You missed one: "Why I Am Marching on July 30"

Are you actually still pretending that "Ravitch's rabble" is beneath your notice? It's a manifesto, and whether the inbred cabal of reformy players might not like it, it's out there now.

Best wishes to Omaha's Learning Community, an innovative attempt to solve a national problem: the increasing resegregation in our school systems. Magnet schools have not been getting the attention they deserve, having been overshadowed by charter schools doing heroic work in ghettos we would do better to eliminate than offer limited ad hoc philanthropic subsidies. Districting is a key source of the inequities in America, so Omaha's cross-district cooperation is an effort deserving attention.

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