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AM News: States' Saber-Rattling Over NCLB Compliance

image from webmedia.newseum.org States Threaten To Defy No Child Left Behind NPR: Duncan may have encouraged this reaction by announcing recently he would grant waivers to states that could not meet the law's standards. 

South Carolina debates using surplus for public schools Marketplace: Some want to reinstate funds into the K-12 school system, while others argue the money should go back to taxpayers. 

Walton Family Foundation gave nearly $12 million to Southland schools last year LAT:  Most of the schools received more than $200,000 each from the foundation, whose belief is that 'students shouldn't be forced to attend a failing school.' No L.A. Unified schools were given funds. 

'Times' Ticks On Inside Higher Educution:  The courses are yet another step toward full-fledged degree programs, which are coming, according to Felice Nudelman, the company’s executive director of education.

Marines Look for a Software Study Buddy Wired:  They want to find a particularly good tutoring device designed to teach 6th through 9th graders math and then mesh it with some of the principles developed in Darpa’s Education Dominance program.

The Dark Side of Celebrity Charities Rolling Stone:  According to sources, the death of West's mother, Donda West, played a major role in his foundation closing, since she was the driving force behind it.


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Texans (Bush, Paige, Spellings, Kress) have, through No Child Left Behind), put virtually every school in the country on "the hook"; what kind of accomplishment is that? The Department of Education was presumably created to help schools and states, not to leave everyone dangling. There's a striking lack of accountability for these people who made these irresponsible promises and then moved on to new positions of power and prestige, while everyone else has to struggle with how to clean up the mess.

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