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AM News: School Changes On In Ohio, Maine, & Mass.

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Student scores to be key factor in MA evaluations Boston Globe:  MCAS scores and other achievement data will become key barometers in evaluating the performance of their teachers and administrators.  

Maine governor signs bill to allow charter schools Boston Globe:  Gov. Paul LePage says Maine is now the 41st state to allow charter schools. 

Kasich Agrees With Obama On School Grants WHIO:  John Kasich said the federal Race to the Top education grant program is a rare area where he and Democratic President Barack Obama agree. 

Atlanta schools chief leaves amid cheating probe AP:  Longtime Atlanta schools chief Beverly Hall retires this week amid allegations of widespread cheating and accusations that she ordered a cover-up of test tampering. 

Can DIY Movement Fix a Crisis in U.S. Science Education? PBS:  Miles O'Brien reports from a gathering in California on a growing movement that embraces the art of making cool things and a quirky do-it-yourself spirit.

A New Low in Graduation Speech Plagiarism Gawker:  Already this year we've had a medical school dean ripping off Atul Gawande, and a law school graduate pleading ignorance about the fact that plagiarism is frowned upon. 



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