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AM News: Duncan Creates Federal Turnaround Office (Finally)

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School Turnarounds Get New Emphasis Within Ed. Dept. EdWeek:  The U.S. Department of Education is creating a new office to focus on school turnaround efforts, officials there announced today... 

Joplin school district tries to rebuild, reinvent AP:  It killed seven students and one teacher and destroyed three school buildings, including the only public high school. Seven other buildings were badly damaged.... 

Students in 'Dropout Factory' Schools Explore Why Kids Quit NPR: There are currently more than two million teenagers attending so-called "dropout factory" schools where only 60 percent of the students finish high school in four years... 

Schools Blend Computers With Classroom Learning NPR:  In an era of budget cuts, some schools are trying blended learning — where students in a class are divided into groups and then they split time between computer lessons and instruction with a teacher. 

Lawsuit, Appointments Follow Detroit Education Plan Announcement HuffED:  Nearly 30 Michigan residents filed a lawsuit Wednesday that seeks to overturn a law that gave state-appointed "emergency managers" near carte blanche in cases of state takeover of indebted municipalities and school districts...

Texas Pulling Out of Council of Chief State School Officers EdWeek:  The commissioner felt that "our values don't align with each other" on education policy, said Suzanne Marchman, a spokeswoman for the agency. "We didn't see a return on investment from participating in the organization."


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Blended learning at KIPP sounds like glorified worksheets. Who would want their children educated as a default, rather than a stopgap emergency, measure? Surely we can make better educational use of computers than this.

It is sort of funny (in a sad way) how our Education policy trends imitate a Marxist critique of capitalism so perfectly. Regarding the NPR story....suppress labor costs, check, invest primarily in technology/machinery, check, set the stage for eventual crisis, check.

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.

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