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AM News: Committee Demands Details On Duncan Waiver Plan

image from webmedia.newseum.org GOP Lawmaker Challenges Duncan on No Child Left Behind WSJ: The Republican chair of the House education committee said Thursday he won't rush into a revamp of NCLB.

Republican Challenges Administration on Plans to Override Education Law NYT:  Representative John Kline of Minnesota said he would use a House rewrite of the No Child Left Behind law to rein in Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s influence.

Rep. Kline Seeks Details on Duncan's NCLB Waiver Plan Politics K12: Kline is especially uneasy with Duncan's assertion that the flexibility would be given in exchange for states' willingness to embrace a package of reforms dreamed up by the department.

Idaho Will Defy NCLB, Schools' Chief Luna Tells Duncan Politics K12: The Council of Chief State School Officersplans to lead an orchestrated effort to flood the department with waiver requests.

Hispanic, white achievement gap as wide as in 90s Seattle Times:  The achievement gap between Hispanic and white students is the same as it was in the early 1990s, despite two decades of accountability reforms.

Math Videos Go From YouTube Hit To Classroom Tool NPR: Now, some adventurous school districts are trying to bring Khan's approach into the classroom.

NFL Player Turns To Teaching During Lockout NPR: In April, Denver Broncos safety David Bruton started teaching math and social studies to students in grades one through 12.


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