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Best 5 Blogs: Carey & Greene Call Out Hess & Ravitch

Drink through coffee lid What Does Rick Hess Believe We Should Do? Kevin Carey:  When do we get to the part in this story when all of the aggrieved Hill staffers and disrespected small-government conservatives actually explain how their sacred principles translate into law?.. Diane, Release the Tapes — Day 1 Jay Greene:  A video of the meeting would reveal the answer and it will be released if all parties give permission.  Gist has already done so and we are waiting for Ravitch... Liberals See Victory in Their Wisconsin Union Defeat Atlantic Wire:  Republicans are less motivated by the union fight, Silver says. That means that the "enthusiasm gap" Democrats suffered last  year could shrink... Agents of Change or an Oppositional Force? Students First:  If kids and quality education are ever to win out, the power of the teachers unions must be drastically reduced... When Should Governments Contract Out? Megan McArdle:  We should be extremely cautious about privatizing services with a captive audience, especially when the people they are supposed to serve have little political voice...Why Don't Schools Learn From Each Other? Scholastic:  Within a year, teachers in Fresno, Oakland, Compton, and Garden Grove were trained in Map2D and math scores in their districts were going up, too... 


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The California school districts learning from each other are on the right track, even if they've been a bit tardy in adopting this approach. Better late than never, Long Beach Unified.

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