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Update: Who's Going To Offend Ravitch Next?

image from www.wednesdaynightservice.com The easily-offended Diane Ravitch appears to have been thwarted in her effort to engage RI's Deborah Gist in some sort of debate over meeting etiquette and now must slouch away in search of some other offense-giving person.  This is not Ravitch's first time at the offense-taking game, and likely won't be her last.  As readers may recall, Ravitch took offense in the extreme to a column I wrote in the Huffington Post outlining my concerns about her newfound convinctions and demanded that her already-lukewarm book blurb be taken off my book.  Several reporters and education types relayed similar (unverified) stories about Ravitch's thin-skinnedness.  Indeed Ravitch has recounted to me a long list of people and instutions who've wronged her. She is aggrieved with great regularity and seems to make admirable use of being slighted.  As for the latest case, Gist sent Ravitch a conciliatory letter, according to EdWeek, and Ravitch -- this may have been a tactical error -- seems to have accepted. 


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If I remember correctly, now is the time for the easily offended followers to scream into action.

Apparently John King annoys her: Here's how she Tweets about his appointment as NYC commissioner: "New NY State Commissioner King comes from charter sector. No experience in public education where 97% of kids are enrolled."

Thanks for clarifying why you are annoyed and offended by her. Your book! Of course, and I thought you had policy problems only with her since you take a swipe at her every week. Now I understand better.

What's the point of picking on Ravitch for minor issues? She would be existing in far more comfort and ease if she had looked the other way at the failures of the education reform fads she previously championed, as a huge number of her colleagues did and do, rather than taking a stand -- and had simply continued to be part of the reformy think-tank set.

Just the fact that Whitney Tilson has made sleazy comments linking her viewpoint with her sex life (a note that Ravitch is in her 70s, for those who don't know that) -- and yet Tilson is still accepted in polite society rather than being universally shunned for that behavior as should be the case -- demonstrates the kind of s#!t that she has been assaulted with. (And if she IS touchy, behavior like Tilson's rather justifies it, doesn't it?)

Argue her positions all you want, but it's uncharacteristically ungentlemanlike to just generically pick on her.

I'm not clear on your graphic, Alexander.

"Caution: easily offended"

Are we meant to apply this to Diane, or to yourself?

CarolineSF -- care to back up those remarks about Tilson?

Anon, I'm not thrilled about spreading the slime publicly. If you ask around among reasonably well informed followers of the education reform debate, you'll find that many are aware of the comments, so perhaps you can find someone under circumstances in which Tilson's accusations won't have to be reposted publicly.

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