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Update: Newark Got $100M Thanks To COPPA

Picture 21#nsvfsummit Rough transcript: "One of the reasons why I started researching education outside of Facebook is because there's this set of laws called COPPA that make it so that basically people under the age of 13 cannot use Internet services without a huge amount of friction where there parents have to in the US put a credit card in to authenticate... I just think like we can have a pretty minimal impact [within Facebook] until we can make it so that people who are actually under the age of 13 can actually use the service.  So that will be a fight that we will take on at some point and try to make it so that we can allow that...  So I decided OK well let's think of ways outside of Facebook that we can support this and that's how we ended up doing the research and making the investment we did." (at the 25:00 mark)


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