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AM News: Los Angeles Is Where All The Action Is

image from webmedia.newseum.org Court Decision Could Upend N.J. Schools WSJ:  The court could order billions of dollars more in schools spending during Mr. Christie's term, pinching spending in other areas... Stimulus recipients owe more than $750 million in taxes Washington Post:  The GAO report estimates that as many as 4,500 stimulus recipients could owe upwards of $909 million in taxes despite receiving a combined $29 billion in stimulus funds... High schools offer grade boosts to students who improve test scores LAT:  A voluntary program at 39 L.A. campuses allows students who improve test scores from one achievement category to the next to qualify for a higher grade... Tests for Pupils, But the Grades Go to Teachers NYT:  New York City officials are developing tests whose main purpose is to grade teachers, not students who take them... New study tells students the worth of their majors AP:  The choice of undergraduate major in college is strongly tied to a student's future earnings, with the highest-paying majors providing salaries of about 300 percent more than the lowest-paying, according to a study released Tuesday...  Catholic School in Harlem Is Closing Over Financial Woes:  The board of directors voted to close Rice, a Roman Catholic boys’ high school, after it became clear that it could not attract enough students to make ends meet... Gun fired at Hawaii school, 1 student injured AP:  A loaded handgun brought to a Hawaii middle school by a student was fired on campus before school started Monday, narrowly missing one student and leaving another with minor injuries, police said....




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