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AM News: School Aid, Activity Fees, & Board Patronage

image from webmedia.newseum.org NJ gov.: I'll heed court order to boost school aid AP:  After New Jersey's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the state spend more on low-income school districts and Gov. Chris Christie agreed not to stand in the way, it's up to state lawmakers to figure out how to do it... Tea party targets schools for 'Constitution Week' AP:  A national tea party group wants a conservative publishing house in Idaho to teach America's kids about the U.S. Constitution this coming school year... Public Schools Increase Fees Charged to Students WSJ:  Dakota Ridge High in Littleton, Colo., charges sophomores $15 for basic 10th grade English but $50 for honors, which uses additional materials... Investigation finds Elizabeth school board pressures workers to fill campaign coffers NJ Star Ledger:  A four-month investigation by The Star-Ledger, drawing on interviews, lawsuits and internal documents, shows [the school board] can also be a relentless political machine... Board officially cancels community elections over school-reform plans LAT:  Galatzan listed a string of reported election abuses, including intimidation tactics and incentives such as gifts, parties or course credit... Stimulus Aid Sparked Progress on Goal EdWeek:  States made use of ARRA funds to boost school data systems and make improvements in other areas, a first round of reports say...Michelle Rhee Faces Firestorm For Role In Controversial Ohio Teachers Bill HuffPost:  While collective bargaining was not a topic of organizational focus, [Rhee's spokesperson] stressed that on this matter, Rhee and Kasich did not see eye-to-eye...Khan Academy looks to bridge the education gap with online learning Marketplace: Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, discusses the education problem his organization can solve and technology's role in schools.


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