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Reform: Update On Michelle Rhee's "Students First" Effort

image from theblackboxoffice.comWondering what that $100 you sent in to StudentsFirst a few months ago is doing to help fix the schools?  Some tidbits in a recent USA Today story include the news that the Michelle Rhee organization is active in 11 states [my best info is the list includes FL, MI, OH, NJ, NV, ME, TN, and IN plus GA, NY, MN], features reform priorities including private school choice [eek, vouchers!] and candidate endorsements [TBD, far as I know].  There's over $1 million in funding raised [Broad but no Gates yet, far as I know], a staff of 21 and more than 220,000 members.   The goal is $1 billion over five years, not annually –  a much easier target to hit and a fraction of what other stakeholders (read unions) spend on education advocacy. Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a side-by-side comparing key provision in any or all of these "reform" bills [FL vs IL, anyone?  IN vs. WI?].  Of course the proof is still in whether these efforts generate real reform and better results for kids.  Passing legislation is the easy part, really. 


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Isn't Students First going to afflict us with its presence here in California? That's surprising, since it seems to have a home base in Sacramento.

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