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Best 5 Blogs: Ravitch Apologizes To Gist (Sorta)

Esq-j-crew-ludlow-suit-052011-lgMinnesota inches closer to banning Common Core Kathleen Porter-Magee: The Minnesota Commissioner will not be able to adopt common standards in any other content area, no matter how good those standards may be...  Political Andywonk:  Underneath all the chattering there is a quiet consensus among some key players that current law – with all its problems – is preferable to a law that only focuses on 5 percent of the schools... Illinois Is Proving any State Can Change its Schools Suzanne Kubach:   A dozen or so leading citizens, backed by local and national philanthropy, put Illinois on this path to becoming a national leader in education reform, distinguishing its approach from its neighbor... VideoGate, Day 7 Jay P. Greene: There is something self-serving and potentially insincere about Ravitch’s generic denunciation of “the spirit of meanness that now permeates so much of our public discourse” coming only after she is potentially caught in making inaccurate allegations against others.... [Or: Ravitch Backs Down Gracefully Tom Hoffman]... Rhee Teams Up With Former Union Chief Parker Stephen Sawchuk: Parker's positions were never simplistic, and they were influenced both by pragmatism and by a deeply divided WTU membership, which made for very challenging politics... The Service of Democratic Education Linda Darling-Hammond:  Public education has a secret weapon—a Trojan horse, if you will: the members of the profession like yourselves who have mastered a strong body of professional knowledge, who hold a strong ethic of care and who are determined to transmit this knowledge and this commitment to others throughout the education system...


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I'm not a regular reader of Jay P. Greene's (though I do seek out and read opinions I disagree with, so that's not the reason), but is this his normal mode of discourse -- just plain launching substance-free attacks day after day on people (female people, I note) with whom he disagrees?

He's whaling away on Diane Ravitch, and there was his lengthy blast at Valerie Strauss over the fact that her media role has shifted from impartial education reporter to a forum where she's free to express her view and give a platform to other voices. (I don't get what it is about that that he feels warrants such scathing treatment -- we've all seen reporters move to columnist or editorial writer. And I'm no cheerleader for the Washington Post, but it has provided forums for various viewpoints as a matter of course, so what's this Greene quote about: "I can’t imagine WaPo tarnishing itself like this for too much longer"?)

Alexander, why do you think this particular line of discourse of Greene's is worthy of aggregating uncritically? Do you really think that behavior promotes the conversation about how to improve schools?

Though if this is new behavior on Greene's part, that might warrant some analysis -- does this signal that he fears the critics of his brand of education reform are achieving some success? Or is he just running out of things to say and filling space? Maybe he's losing faith and fighting it -- or losing funding and trying to attract some more?

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