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NSVF 2011: Reformy Summit Returns To Silicon Valley

Last night's NSVF summit reception featured Target-branded cocktails and bass-heavy lounge music provided by a live DJ. Today the  San Francisco (adjacent) hotel where the event is being held will be swarming with sharply-dressed reformers and funders (but usually very few teachers or administrators).  Fill your day with long-distance scorn or envy by following along.  Send me email or tweets to let me know what I'm missing or what sessions I should go to:


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Wish I could bop over and picket, flash-mob or otherwise make a disruptive statement. Unfortunately I have to work and in the evening am going to help my teacher friend who took 30 low-income 6th-graders camping in the Presidio, while the NSVF folks hobnob and plot to strip her of her professional respect (oh, maybe they've already achieved that), benefits, job security and possibly career. They could taxi over to the Presidio and help make s'mores (I have the fixin's in my car), but then they'd have to actually breathe the same air as low-income children -- the horror.

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