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Five Best Blogs: Have New Orleans Schools Really Been Fixed?

Dysentery School Performance In New Orleans Matthew Yglesias: It’d be better to have NAEP data instead of state test stuff, and it’d be better to look at demographic sub-group... School Reform in New Orleans Kevin Drum: We'll need a considerably more detailed analysis before we can genuinely conclude that their educational reforms have really worked... Money and L.A. Unified LAT:  Deasy says he will not "accommodate a funder" and that he'll set the agenda. But those lines can blur all too easily in a cash-strapped school system that must continually plead for money... Meet The Billionaires Who Are Trying To Privatize Our Schools And Kill Public Education Think Progress:   This rapid expansion of voucher programs is remarkable. After all, vouchers have been unpopular with the American public...  The Campaign to Discredit Michelle Rhee Richard Whitmire: That message -- getting rid of ineffective principals and teachers produces gains -- is a nightmare message for some... Teacher Evaluations through Student Testing Linda Darling-Hammond (on Education Nation): Smart evaluation will put test score data in its rightful place – as a small part of a much more comprehensive picture of what teachers do... 



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