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Exclusive: Where The Shiny New Advocacy Groups Are*

Mapsnyt.waxa10h6i9cso8kcws8sssok.22qwr5zijcckg48go4wowg88o.thMost of the states with one of the four newiwsh reform organizations (DFER, Stand, 50CAN, StudentsFirst ) operating have just one or at most two of them, according to lists supplied by the organizations.  [Of course there are tons of state education advocacy organizations, reformy PIE types and otherwise but let's pretend they aren't there just like the new guys are doing.]  Only NY has three.  Here's the full list of which states have which organization(s):  AZ Stand /CA DFER / CO Stand, DFER / CT 50CAN / FL DFER, SF / IL Stand / GA SF / IN DFER, SF / ME SF / MA Stand / MI DFER, SF / MD 50CAN / MN 50CAN, SF / NJ DFER, SF / NV SF / NY DFER, 50CAN, SF / OH DFER, SF / OR Stand  / RI DFER, 50CAN / TN Stand, SF / TX Stand / WA Stand, DFER / WI DFER.  At some point soon, I'm sure SF and Stand will be in CA -- that's where the money is (and where Rhee is relocating).  But if SF comes to OR (or Stand comes to IN)  there will be war.   [*UPDATE:  Stand is already in IN and everyone says they're all on the same team.]


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