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Foundations: Handy-Dandy Gates Foundation Advocacy Crib Sheet

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#privatemonepublicschools Here's a handy-dandy little crib sheet for the Gates Foundation's $78 million one-year advocacy spend, based on Sam Dillon's NYT article and the accompanying documents, ranked from high to low.  All figures are for 2009 unless otherwise noted.  Let me know what I missed or got wrong, and if you've seen any interesting commentary or response to the article from observers or those named in the piece.  


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The NEA did not receive Gates money, the NEA Foundation did. And given that the amount was for less than $500k for one year it's probably worth delinking that from AFT.

What about Media Bullpen?

The Media Bullpen is a project of the Center for Education Reform. Gates donated $275k in 2010 to support the project:


Stand for Children received nearly a million in 2009, and over $3 million in 2010:



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