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NCLB: Obama's SuperSecret Special Ed Diversion Program

image from www.cardsmart.co.uk Wow.  A little-noticed provision in the Obama education "blueprint" for NCLB -- inserted at the behest of the Gates Foundation and/or Pearson and Comcast (no one's quite sure) -- allows schools to identify children as special needs and divert them into a resource room for up to a full school year -- without parents' knowledge or approval or the consent of the teacher of record.  According to section 45.321, a district can "identify, at its discretion, up to 5 (five) percent of student enrollment not already identified as having special needs, for alternative special services outside the normal course offerings, which may include (a) computer-assisted instruction, (b) group activities supervision by classified or certified staff, or (c) any such services as the district may deem appropriate...as long as the parent or guardian is notified within 180 days of such changes." The stated rationale is that early intervention could help reduce later needs for full-on special education services, but advocates are concerned about parents and classroom teachers being left out of the loop on educational decisions and the potential misuse of the provision for cost-cutting purposes or to advance a particular technology or vendor.  For more see here.


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Alexander, Adobe Reader doesn't find any matches for 45.321 in the 45 page pdf of the Obama Blueprint for ESEA renewal.

Here's the DOE link for their ESEA bkueprint document:

It's 45 pages long, but searchable.

Special Ed Rendition?
Does it include waterboarding?

This information reads as yet another attempt to regulate test scores by contolling who is tested. The very idea of students being assigned to a resource room for an entire school year is reflective of the "reverse" occurring in education. What is next? Blue bird reading groups? When do we just focus on teaching our youth?

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