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AM News: South Carolina Districts Want "Race" Money

image from webmedia.newseum.org S.C. School Officials: We Want Our Race to Top Money! EdWeek:  The AP is reporting that if [the governor] doesn't change her mind, the state associations representing school administrators and school boards want to apply for the money themselves... High school graduation rates up, but some states lag behind Yahoo: More high school students are hitting the books and getting their degrees within four years, data from the NCES show. But not every state is part of that positive trend...  Too Young for Kindergarten? Tide Turning Against 4-Year-Olds NYT:  Connecticut is considering holding back students born after Oct. 1, a process known as redshirting, so they won’t be overwhelmed by peers who have already turned 5... OSI, ACLU criticize state school board over suspensions Baltimore Sun:  Two advocacy groups are criticizing the state school board for failing to act more quickly to address high suspension rates and inequities in the way students are disciplined from one district to another... Charter school leader Vielka McFarlane brings personal history, passion to education LAT:  Vielka McFarlane, after winning a fight with Los Angeles County schools officials over California's 'parent trigger' law, plans to open a new charter school in Compton...  Students suspended after racist incidents in Calif AP:  Students at a California high school have been suspended for suspected scrawling of racist graffiti and joining together in a white supremacy gesture while the senior class picture was being taken, school officials said Friday... Robot Wars Prepare Kids For Manufacturing Jobs NPR:  High tech companies hope these clashes also turn on students to careers in industries that need their skills...  L.A. School District Tells Librarians: You're Not Teachers NPR:  The LAUSD plans to lay off thousands of employees, due to a budget shortfall. The cuts include 85 school librarians — who have been told that they no longer count as teachers. 


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The South Carolina governor is a she!

John, SC ex-pat

It sounds like the Compton Parent Trigger kids will be in great hands with Vielka McFarlane and Celerity. Since we are now planning to open a middle school as well as an upper secondary school, we'd love to have students like Celerity's entering our school--although as a school to be publicly chartered, we'll take all kinds, regardless. But to have students who already have some discipline, basic skills, and an enthusiasm for broader learning makes things so much easier, and schools like Celerity prove that these things can be developed in ghettos and not just in expensive suburbs. It's about time we started expecting more from schools in all kinds of neighborhoods.

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