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Best 5 Blogs: The Fury Of Middle-Class Parents

20101218_xwd001A drastic break with failure LAT (column):  The students were trying to save an entrenched regime, one that shackles them to failure... High Pay Leads to Layoffs NYT (Winerip):  An audit found that the Henry Viscardi School, one of 11 schools of its kind in New York, paid its top executive $1.25 million over two years... Closing more bad charters sooner Jay Mathews:  The D.C. Public Charter School Board may soon close the Ideal Academy Public Charter School, more than a year and a half after I told it to... Gates' Education Buying Spree - For What? American Thinker:  Buying a group of number crunchers to determine what our children may be taught in the classroom has little connection to equipping children to better themselves in order to better society... Are gifted education programs a waste of money? WCI:  Hell hath no fury like the middle class in defence of its privileges... Teacher Quality In Finland Matthew Yglesias: Whatever approach you favor you’re necessarily having a conversation about how to get different people into the profession than the ones who are currently there... Farewell to Anchovy Sherman Dorn:  I will very much appreciate not having to work with colleagues to figure out how to write a brand-new dilemma every year for Orlando Quieto and his colleagues at Anchovy Middle School...Newt Gingrich and "the food stamp president" Salon:  He didn't call Obama a "strapping young buck," but his slur is coded racism (and not very Catholic) just the same...


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Where would we be without a line from Matt Y each week saying teachers are stupid and they need to be more like me and my friends? At least now he put a percentage to it.

Alexander, do you endorse the quote you put up from the LA Times story?
" The students were trying to save an entrenched regime, one that shackles them to failure... "

I'd like it (a lot) if you clarified your own reaction to the story. Do you, also, dismiss the students' voices as unworthy even of attention? Do you believe they need to be taken in hand by a Turnaround Partner, because they don't know what's good for them?

Are they so "shackled to failure" they don't desrve to be heard? Are you, also, saying you know what shackles them, but they don't?

Here is the quote that literally turned my stomach,
" Supt. John Deasy countered with an observation from his generation's civil rights battles: "Wait has almost always meant never," Martin Luther King's declaration in his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail."

That's funny. I was hanging on Martin Luther King's every word, and I never heard him call on some powerful business interest to just spit on poor young people, and shut down and take over their schools for their own good. In fact, Deasy's argument exactly mirrors the speeches of benevolent segregationists, who understood that overreaching coloreds just didn't understand where their true best interests were, and needed special oversight and guidance.

I was only their age, of course. Linking arms, my heart pounding with physical fear, my courage reeling from the contempt of people like Dempsey. And you?

Help me out here. I moved your book from my Amazon shopping cart to the "later" list. One of the Amazon reader-reviewers says she was disappointed that you didn't quote or observe the actual students. Could you hear them?

hi, mary --

thanks for your comments -- glad you're checking out the blog.

i gather a variety of interesting and provocative views from around the internet for readers who come at school reform from a variety of views.

if you're looking for a site that you agree with all the time, this is probably not a good fit -- my views and the diverse opinions i gather here are known to enrage (and stimulate) folks on the left and right in roughly equal proportions.

but if you're curious about what others are thinking, or don't mind your thinking being challenged, then you might like (or like hating) this blog a lot.

/ alexander

Alex, it isn't about you or your site, or me or what I agree and disagree with. You stood up and said you learned something in LA.

It's about them, and my questions are, can you actually hear them, and how can we answer them?


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