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AM News: That NCLB Rewrite? Not Gonna Happen

image from webmedia.newseum.org No Child Left Behind fix lagging in Congress AP:  Kline, chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, said there is no chance of meeting President Barack Obama'sAugust deadline for reform of the 9-year-old bill... 'Chiefs for Change' Serves Up Principles for ESEA Reform EdWeek:  All schools, not just the lowest-performing schools, should be held accountable for the academic performance of all students...K12 buys Kaplan grade school education programs Boston Globe:  K12 Inc. , which runs online public schools across the country, said Thursday that it is buying Kaplan Inc.'s K-12 online curriculums for an undisclosed amount... Philanthrophy comes back to school NPR:  After two years of stock market gains, big donors are opening their checkbooks for colleges and universities...  Education Legislation Struggle Breaks Old Alliances, Builds New Ones Texas Tribune:  A bill aimed at relieving school district mandates required by the state is a tough sell on both sides of the aisle... Parents Battle School Districts for Special Support Bay Citizen:  In San Francisco, a growing number of parents of special-needs children are challenging the budget-crunched school district over federally mandated support.... Austin Woes Are Capped by Decision to Fire Teachers and a Student Protest Chicago News Cooperative:  Seven of Austin Polytechnical Academy’s 30 teachers are being dismissed and five of them received the school district’s controversial “do not hire” designation... Kevin Jennings Leaving Education Department to Head "Be The Change" Metro Weekly:  The head of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools will be leaving that role...What They Are Really Typing Inside Higher Ed:   The average student in the Vermont study cycled through a whopping 65 new, active windows per lecture, nearly two-thirds of which were classified as 'distractive.' [via HuffED]... SF school swaps out name of racist Calif. governor Associated Press: For decades, a San Francisco preschool in an underserved, predominantly black neighborhood bore the name of Peter Burnett, California's first elected civilian governor... 



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Not to get picky, but the "Philanthropy comes back to school" story is mis-attributed. It actually comes from Marketplace, which is produced by APM, not NPR.

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